Guadalajara, Mexico was perhaps the happiest moment of my life. At the beginning, i attributed this to the astounding beauty of Guadalajara, but i soon to find out the roots to my happiness grew deeper and as a result of a series of miracles. Firstly, i had the time of my life in Gdl (as i would refer to Guadalajara from now), it was an absolutely wonderful trip. Quick background, the idea of visiting Mexico was concocted by my dear friend Carolina Rondon-Chacon (CRD) and I. We subsequently included a few other friends in the trip since the more the merrier. For me, planning theRead More →

This will be a segment on my website. In this segment, i will publish real excerpts from my journal for specific dates. They will be unedited and uncut. Like most young people, I battle challenges every day; they range from personal on one spectrum and life on the other spectrum. No one said it was going to be easy, right. I titled it “the force of faith” because of a revelation that came to me on 02.01.17. On that day, i had engaged in a retrospective and introspective conversation with a friend. I shared some of the stories and experiences from my past, and while(418) 384-8125

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On January 25 2017, I went to meet with one of my favorite professors to have a sit down. Since you asked, this was the same Professor who gave me the life changing book “Siddhartha”. (Check it out in my 2017 booklist post). Honestly, in retrospect, i had no idea what was going on with me. I just wanted to talk. It was as if the proverbial scales had just fallen out of my eyes. Like i just woke up from a 26year old slumber. And my Professor could tell. He sat across from me and listed raptly to me rant on and on and(587) 475-8961